Ultimate Rotation Control

The one and only rotation control app for android that can REALLY LOCK your screen in ANY orientation and also FORCE the automatic orientation to override app specific settings. The "Forced Auto" mode for example is very handy on tablets where some apps force portrait mode while you are holding the screen "upside down".

Locking of the screen comes in handy when the screen rotates while you do not want it to; without this app you would have to dig deep into the settings to switch of the automatic rotation.


- True orientation lock

- Forced automatic rotation

- Two widgets and a status bar notification with shortcut buttons for easily changing your rotation preference

- Optimized for Android 1.6 (Donut) all the way to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Supported modes:

- Auto: normal automatic mode, not overriding app preferences

- Forced Auto: automatic mode, but overriding other app preferences!

- Lock: truly locks the screen in the current orientation

- Portrait: truly lock the screen in portrait

- Landscape: truly lock the screen in landscape

- Reverse Portrait: truly lock the screen in reverse portrait

- Reverse Landscape: truly lock the screen in reverse landscape

- Auto Portrait: automatically select between portrait and reverse portrait

- Auto Landscape: automatically select between landscape and reverse landscape

- Manual: normal manual mode, not overriding app preferences


- This app does NOT require root access.

- Certain applications might not display properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape. Simply rotate your screen (when in forced auto) or switch to auto/manual or the appropriate rotation to correct this.

- Reverse Portrait and Reverse Landscape supported from Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)

- Status bar notification direct shortcuts supported from Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Information about the Tasker / Locale Plugin

Download this app from Google Play: Ultimate Rotation Control

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